Our team

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

MEDIA DREAMS can lean on solid senior and seasoned entrepreneurs and experts since more than 15 years. Creative, strategic, and technical members are present to support the management line to serve at their best our clients.

Managing Partners

Mathias Ervyn
Founder – CEO, Director of strategy and creativity
Storytelling and Marketing Expert
Google Trainer & Coach

Amaury Lambrecht
Founder – CEO/CFO
Professional Services Senior Trainer
IT Business Consultant

Our agency is working with a team of experienced, talented professionnals and partners that are giving the best they can to create engaging content and relevant campaigns.

Strategy, Content & Project management

Alexis Castagna
Account Strategist, Project manager

Jérôme Haleng
Content and operations supervisor, Project manager


Jonathan Gatto
Head of Design

Anna Moline
Creative and Concept Designer

Lucie Lebailly
Creative and Concept Designer

Alison Delannoy
Creative consultant

Nicholas Blasband
Video producer and media director

Content Support

Caroline Vanmaele
NL content provider and experience consultant

Elisa Brevet
Copywriting consultant