Welcome to MEDIA DREAMS agency


For 20 years, we have been storytellers.
Born with offline, and grown with online.
MEDIA DREAMS is a marketing and advertising agency working with branding, storytelling, RP and digital strategy to create and elevate your brand. 

Focus on our clients: Prefer – or the Art of sublimating concrete…

Prefer, Simply concrete – is a Belgian industrial player in the world of making concrete and prefabricated concrete elements. We work for their communication since 2018 and produce content for them: copywriting, print, digital and video. Here our latest video production for them for cinema and digital:

We care a lot for our clients

We delivered for The Walt Disney Company, Google,  Universal, Euromut, Demonstr8 (Proximus, AB Inbev, Coca-Cola, ING), RTBF, Cachemire Coton Soie, JUSt. Agency (Ben & Jerry’s, Chaudfontaine, Panos), GOOGLE, Bloovi Me, Prefer-Groupe Portier Industries, Stepstone, etc.

Let’s improve your Customer Journey with storytelling

We are obsessed with the Customer Journey of your clients. We fill out this incredible journey with storytelling to unleash and increase the performances. You can touch the right people with the right emotion.

Welcome to MEDIA DREAMS, the unexpected branding & storytelling agency in an expected digital changing world.

In the heart of two cities

We love Liège. We love Brussels.
We have offices in the both cities:

6 Quai Banning
4000 Liège

523 Avenue Lousie
1050 Bruxelles


Our Story

“Your future story will be phygital and untethered.”

The mediums and technologies evolve but the true core stays the same – your story. At MEDIA DREAMS, we love stories to converse, to provoke, to seduce and to convince.

Content that we can share, love and measure. No good story without great performances. The world is becoming phygital. If we are living online, we also need to exist offline.

20 years old in 2019 but definitely the youngest at soul. Experienced and serious enough, but also bold and crazy enough to be your partner in crime.

Every agency talks about 360° communication. But we are different because we really know and work every medium of the landscape. We are born offline in 1999 (TV, radio, RP, video, print) and we upgraded in 2009 with digital marketing. We dont talk about digital transformation. We have lived it through.

We trained, we tested, we learned, we created methodology and we digitally evolved to offer you the best digital strategy. With us, you have the best of both worlds – online and offline. 


Our Services

You knock on MEDIA DREAMS door: 

When you need to create your brand
We create and elevate your brand with a strong storytelling that will make you visible and alive: brand strategy, new identity, communication plan,  slogan, logo, graphic chart

When you need to perform with your brand
We manage your brand on online and offline supports with a strong storytelling to make you considered and ready to convert: content, social media, print, video

When you need to be able to better understand or tell you story
We accompany you during workshops and coachings to make you grow with your own storytelling.


Our Clients

There are no big or small clients. There are only clients invested in their communication.

That’s why, thanks to 20 years of hard work, we are recognised for our “concierge-like” client service management and for the creativity of our work. Because there are no great stories without great human relations.

We also love values, authenticity and transparency. That’s why we create stories only with people and clients that we love and believe in.

Some of our happy clients: The Walt Disney Company, Euromut, Cachemire Coton Soie, JUSt.Agency (Proximus, Coca-Cola, Panos, Mastercard,…), DEMONSTR8 (ABInbev, Unilever, ING,…), ELLE Belgique, Universal Music, Mobistar, Agence Claudia Lomma,Didden & Co, Vela Lingerie, Riad Anata, Benjamin SPaRK, Alfa Laval, Best PR, Riad Anata, Aprico Consultants, Hôpital Erasme, CBCEC – Chambre Belges des Comptables et Experts-Comptables de Liège, Delbôve Cosmetics, Prefer – Groupe Portier Industries, Bloovi Me, Creative Wallonia/Engine, Nexum, Google, RTBF, Stepstone

Through the Google coachings and workshops we delivered with our experts at the Google Digital Atelier at BeCentral, we trained and coached several hundreds of people in the field of digital marketing, digital communication, SEO, SEA, Personal Branding, etc. for:

BNP Paribas Fortis
EU Commission

EDF Luminus
Start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, journalists, designers, developers, advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies, marketers, CEO, …

MEDIA DREAMS is also involved through our consultant and expert into the programs MVP LAB and REAKTOR for Engine Creative Wallonia. We coached, trained and stimulated dozens of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the fields of digital communication and marketing.


Reach us

We love Belgium. An incredible little surrealist country stuck between the giants France, Netherlands and Germany. We believe in the great talents we have here. That’s why we have offices in Brussels and in Liège, the most ardent city of Wallonia.


6, Quai Banning
B-4000 Liège
RPM BE 0864 349 083

You are very welcome at our offices:

Le Val Benoit
6, Quai Banning
B-4000 Liège

523 Avenue Louise
B-1000 Brussels


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