Our Story

From your emailing to your brand activation campaign. Every medium you have has a story to tell.

The mediums and technologies evolve but the true core stays the same – your story. At MEDIA DREAMS we love the stories that will make you laugh or make you cry. But most of all a story to converse, to provoke, to seduce and to convince.

Content that we can decline, share, love and measure. No good story without great effectiveness.

20 years old in 2019 but definitely the youngest at soul. Experienced and serious enough, but also bold and crazy enough to be your partner in crime.

Every agency talk about 360° communication. We do too. But we are different because we really know and work every medium of the landscape. We born offline in 1999 (TV, radio, RP, video, print) and we upgraded in 2009 with digital marketing. We were trained, we tested, we learned, we created methodology and we digitally evolved to offer you the best digital strategy. With us, you have the best of both worlds – online and offline. Really.